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Getting toddlered-Part 2

In human sense, toddlers are totally insane hysterical little humans. It is just that they are way too cuter. And hence the former becomes insignificant and trivial.  Imagine a tiny human screaming in its top notch pitch demanding for some useless thing that you threw in the garbage a week ago. (utterly helpless) Imagine a little one pooping in the middle of your house and demands immediate clean up. (Yes, DEMANDS!!) And you had to prioritize it thus muting your ongoing zoom call. Imagine a tiny cute alien wearing your half destroyed accessories and showing off like a little super star and all you could do is smile and put control over the trauma that it had just caused. Imagine a little human pouring over a bowl of cereals onto your file stack just because she didn't like the taste of the raisins that were in it! (Byeee...... Off to redo my assignment !) Welcome to toddler life!!  Going through a tough phase? Spend a couple of minutes here.. You will thank me later! Si
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Siblings - The struggle is real

Perks of having a sibling - the annoying one Scenario 1: Me: *Smiling at funny memes on my phone* My sibling : Mom! She has been chatting with her boyfriend for the past 25 hours and 25 minutes !! Me : #@$% Scenario 2:  Me : *walks by* My sibling: Shut up Me : No ,you shut up! My mom : *ye lls my name* Me : @#$%! Scenario 3: My sibling : *hits my head with a hammer*  Strangles me to death* Pu shes me into the bathtub full of water* T hrows me down from the balcony* Me *touch her with my pinky finger* My mom : How could you do it to that poor soul? She could have hurt herself badly?!!!!! Me : @#$%! Scenario 4: Me: *watching tv* My sibling: Quickly fetches the remote and changes (though it was her favourite show too) Me : Hey ! Don't you like it too. Come let's watch together. My sibling : *reactionless* (change change change change for no reason) Me :@#$%! Next day:  My friend :

10 Silly and dumb things we all do

When was the last time you did something dumb or absurd? No matter how poised and elegant we tend to present ourselves everyday ,every moment, we always end up showing our fat-headed self at one point or the other. May it be FROM running to fetch a bubble wrap that has just fallen off the delivered package TO purposely ignoring an email and replying after an Era, that it ended up in the spam folder (What? Really?? What a rude human you must be!??) 😛 FROM secretly peeping into a near by trolley in the supermarket and judging their existence TO trying to overtake the fast walker in the pavement and end up walking like a pregnant ostrich in a hurry. FROM metally threatening your laptop to throw it off from the cliff, while it takes ages to reboot or when the screen freezes, TO trying to enact a lame sentimental movie scene (that you binge watched) while the water droplets drag themselves down on your face from the top- in the shower. All of us have been there- behaving like a

Types of people you will find in airports

Over the last few years I had spent a lot of time in airports -traveling alone, as a couple, traveling with friends, with a little monster, standing in queues, calming a hyper tantrum edged toddler, sleeping on the floor, moving on belts, eating half-cooked food, name it and I have done it !! Over the time I made a list of the different types of people you come across in airports.. So.. Here it goes.. Source :Doodland ⭐ Number 1 : The overpackers There are people who inspite of reading all the instructions one by one, underlining and highlighting them, yet carry atleast a 10kg extra stuff in their baggage and hold the queue for ages trying to decide on the importance of the articles packed in order to avoid paying for the extra baggage. (Do I need 5 Toilet paper rolls? Or can I manage with 2?) God damn!!!! ⭐ Number 2 : The Atheletes I do not know what kind of an emergency situation such people are put into every f*ing time they travel. Last time, I met a guy who cut th

Getting "toddlered" -Part 1

How do you feel being a new parent? Is your life not the way it used to be? Well... The answer is definitely YES. Having these tiny humans around, that you created, changes your life. Ofcourse you are pretty the same human who wakes up, eats, poops and breathes! The only difference is that you are accompanied everywhere 24*7. You no longer keep your knives in drawers, no more purchase of expensive vases or cutlery, You stop your pee stream for a while just to listen to what your toddler is asking about from the other side of the bathroom door. Nobody pulled your hair, or saw you shower or walked over your face with a diaper full of shit before. So yes! It did change! Nevertheless when your kiddo transforms from an innocent cutesy infant to a mini hulk toddler, the changes become more and more significant. Don't trust me?? Tadaaaa....... Let me break it down for you.. I have one such unmanageable unruly tiny package named "Aara" and these are some of my obse

7 Annoying things people usually fake about

Finding fake things and people is lot more easier today than bumping into their genuine counterparts. In fact the most common thing people fake about these days is about having an exemplary, ultimate and the best weekend, while you would have in reality just dragged yourself from room to room in your dirty pyjamas binge watching your favourite Netflix series for the twenty fifth time with a huge basket of popcorn which you engulfed all by yourself. Faking has really become an everyday business today and it is okay only unless and until it doesn't annoy the person in front of you. Have you come across really exasperating and pesky people who annoyingly pretend certain things that it becomes so obvious.... so obvious.. that it is fake??!! 😒 Well here is a list of things that people by and large fake about..... 😏 Looks "Make up? No not at all.. This is how I wake up. May be you should start drinking more water", says the lady who I happen to stumble upon ev

Feeling awkwardly awkward

In life we all come across some awkward humiliating situations, so awkward that you feel like getting metamorphosed into an ostrich all of a sudden so that you can shove your head into the soil and escape reality. Here are a few such moments we all would have confronted atleast once in our lives. 😒 Making eye contact with someone rushing towards your elevator trying to get in but the doors are closing already.  😒 When you narrate a terrible joke to your colleagues and they unheard you and ask you to repeat it, making the terrible joke way more terrible and useless. And in the process of narrating it for the second time, you feel like stopping half way thinking 'Dude! I think you are wasting your time'.  😒 When you are watching a movie with your family and out of the blue the couple start making out and your mom stares at you as if you were the assistant director of the movie and you be like "Errr.. Popcorn anyone?" and quickly escape into the dark t