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The queue

The guy behind me was drooling over and I could hear slurps with every passing minute. I could infact feel his fork on my spine as if he were to kill me if I din't move. We were standing in a long queue of 5 people for a buffet dinner (Ofcourse 5 people when your stomach is growling is a "long" queue, you antihuman). Every possible toothsome thing you can think of was just lying there neatly embellished. It was not food- it was ART on the table. 

The tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked pasta smeared with it's white mousy companion, some brown lilliputs on the tray showered with a dark brown viscid syrup and colourful sprinkles, the long strands of noodles which looked as if they were lying there jaded and were gesturing me to engulf them. There was also a strong cheesy and creamy aroma of something really luscious, which was coming all the way from the soup bowl. My mouth watered and watered and watered. I just wished to play H.G.Well's 'The invisible man' and reach the tempting chocolava cake that was grinning at me.  

So, Yes coming back to the guy behind me..
I could partially see him staring at me. He was constantly jetting some noises of frustration as if I were the one who seized all his ancestral assets by a fake signature and also eloped with his ex-ex-lover (you know- If I was a male). 

So after 178 seconds of cold battle between me and him (as we had become imaginary enemies for no reason) I took a step forward, while he took two. He was almost adjacent to me. I awkwardly looked at him to throw a smile and asked him if he would like to proceed. His eyes sparkled. As if I brought home his twin brother who had been lost almost 20 years ago on the streets, while his mom was shopping some veggies in the crowded market (the impact of watching too many bollywood movies.. haha). 

After hearing what I said, he hesitatantly hesitated (If that made sense). But I understood his inner heart feelings, we were childhood enemies afterall. I threw another awkward smile and said "It's OK. Please carry on" and took a step back. He thanked me with his tear filled eyes (Nevermind, that was just an exaggeration) and took my place. I felt good to see him enjoy his meal thereafter and we exchanged smiles a couple of times. 

Sometimes in life it feels contented to see someone wear that smile which you gave them. So, for all those men who have been taught to always give way to a person with female identity while in a queue as it is supposed to be a mark of good manners, remember the reverse also happens. It’s just the situation that matters and not the gender; otherwise we all want those irresistible mouthwatering desserts in our plates first (as in this case). 

P.S. The meal was totally worth the wait (Now don't be jealous). 


  1. Hilarious ��

  2. Wow gud amree

  3. Good one.. I think 578 second is very much to wait..

  4. Wow!! amazing one..expecting more from you in coming days :)

    1. Thank you ♥️
      Will try to keep up to it.

  5. Congrats Amreena .... for your new innings.....

  6. Wow. Nice description and totally relatable. Kudos❤️

  7. Good one keep going.. didi..

  8. Sanjaya. Warrior28 May 2018 at 10:56

    Those noodles are pasta are mouth watering man ! The way you described them . Lovely.

  9. I always enjoy your writing. You are gifted, my partner... keep it yo. Once again, I'm very proud of you :-*

    1. Aww. That's so sweet of you. Means a lot. ♥️

  10. Perfect write up I would say.. :) Keep going girl ☺️❤️

  11. Nice article

  12. Superb and classy I would say.


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