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Life Lessons

PC @Amritha Jan Scenario 1
(The 1990's)

Me: *Huffing and panting entering home in my blue sports tee and shorts. I looked BEAU-TI-FUL. Fully drenched, the shoe laces untied, slimy hands and feet, scruffy unkempt hair and a few scratches on my right knee and elbow. Hmmm... Din't I say BEAU-TI-FUL? (Well.. playing football in the rain compliments you with all those uninvited add-ons)*

Mom: Looking at me.. *beep beep beep* once again *beep beep beep* Actually after a while of beep beep beeps... (this continues until all the bad words in her dictionary have been used).

Mom: You better run to the nearby grocery and get me few tomatoes, onions, broccoli and blah blah... (the list continues for a few seconds). And if you don't, then u will get no dinner and you will have to sleep on the roads tonight.
*Slams the door *

Me: OK mommy.
(With an evil smile turns towards the road. Wow! that means extra bonus minutes to play in the rain.. Quickly picking up the list a…

That restless sunday evening

Will he reach on time?
Or should I call him to confirm? Oh God! To hell with the city traffic.. I could hear honks here.. there.. everywhere.. It's a jam. Wait.. What is this? Clouds from nowhere. Oh man! Is it gonna rain now? I sat there biting my finger nails with a trillion thoughts in my mind.

It was one beautiful Sunday evening. Mom and dad had a family function to attend and there I was left jaded and alone. After a while of debate between the good me and the bad me, I decided to get myself some company to spend the evening.

My heartbeat, still raising with every second as the minute hand raced towards the estimated time. What am I supposed to do? Should I call him or atleast send a text? I took my mobile and checked for messages. There weren't any. My smile slowly flattened. All of a sudden a grave silence spread across my soul. I started walking hither and thither restlessly with my eyes fixed on the wall clock.

In a few minutes..
*Ting tong*
I jumped off from the cou…