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Random thoughts at 3am - Part 2

Hey peeps,
Howa you sailing?
After the overwhelming response to the part one and many many requests for the part two, here I present to you another set of random thoughts..
And if you haven't checked the part 1 already .. What are you doing with your life man?? Go check it out and come back.
I'm waiting.. Right here..
Hurry!!! 😛 😛

Here is the link to it 👇

PC @Amritha Jan Okay come on...
Productivity time..
Let's rant...

🙃 Sometimes I just wonder how people can be so irresponsible, when they call me on my land-line and ask "hey where are you?" Like yeah I have twiddled that land line over my neck a couple of times and I'm rowing a boat, in the middle of the Pacific ocean just to do some fishing coz I wanted to kill time!! Oh Crap!!

🙃 I hate it when I have a good hair day and my makeup on point (which very rarely happens. Most of the time I look like a hungry alien still figuring …
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Sugar, Spice and everything nice - exploring mommyhood

Life is not always a bed full of roses! Yeah! Not at all. It is a bed full of used bibs, left out pieces of food, toys and toys and toys just to give you that mini fracture when you accidentally land your knee or elbow upon it and a couple of used diapers giving it that "extra sexy" look. Yeah! With a two year old what more can you dream of. I stare at this little human named Aara, at times wondering how topsy turvvy has she turned my life into (for the better ofcourse). Wanna know how much better? Listing a few below...

❤ Gifted with nail marks and bites here.. there.. everywhere. Little does my peeky neighbour knows that this innocent puppy face did that to me, rather she keeps asking me if we had a gala couple time in the bed last night! Hmmmmphhh... Neighbours and their pointy noses - you know.

❤️ Everytime I walk past the beauty salon towards the supermarket to fetch newly launched diapers in the market just to differentiate between dry and extremely dry and pick up th…

That spooky encounter!

I could feel commotion and havoc all over the place. It was an ambience of disturbing pandemonium. Ah! My head ached like as if it were going to blast. I couldn't move my body either. Looked like as if I have had a strenuous workout after a decade or so. Where was I? I struggled hard to open my eyelids apart. The scene was totally out of focus like one of those poorly focused photographs I usually take. It was all dark, or may be kinda sepia toned. I tried hard to focus squinting and relaxing my eyes alternatively. Slowly it all became clear. I remembered those microbiology classes at school where we adjust the lens to have a clearer view of the strain on the slide.

It was clear. She was standing right there a few steps ahead of me. Scrawny and raddled soulless eyes which were caved in and pitch black with tiny red pupils. An unnatural smile smeared across her face, slowly expanding into a grin. I quickly closed my eyes because I knew that was not real. For a second I convinced m…

Shit happens.. Once again!

*Alarm buzzes*
Me: Tanana a nanana ooh ooh ooo o ooooo nanaaa woaoooooh hooo (when your favorite song is your alarm tone)
Once again Me: Nanananaaaaaaaa oh oh hoooooo lalalaaaa.....
*Conversations in the head.. right away*

Hmmmm... By the way, why is mom in a hype this early? Is it their wedding day or has the maid agreed for an extra bonus hour of work? Or has someone offered to adopt me? Music 'n all huh.. W.. Wait !! Don't tell me it's the alarm!! Oh my God.. Oh my God.. Oh my God.. (Reaching out to the mobile with closed eyes and ... )
*Involuntary Snooze*

To hell with the sudden plunge into this deepest sleep that appears from nowhere that has a life span of less than a few minutes..
Two minutes later..
*Alarm buzzes once again*

The inner me: What's the time? Is it a working day? I thought it was an extended weekend. Wait.. What day was yesterday? Hmmmm... Let me think.. Friday.. Saturday... Sun.. Oh man! It's Monday! Urrghh.. I hate Monday mornings. Should I…

Hoarding until... Forever?!

That 2 year old pallazo pants gifted to you by your sister-in-law, which you pretty much know you have outgrown. That 4 year old magazine lying there just because it holds the picture of your favorite actor who is a dad of a cute little toddler now. (Yay! Hearty congrats to him). The 5 and a half year old blanket that once decorated your hostel room and was the only room decor you ever ever owned- that sometimes role-played as a curtain, a food mat and a floor mat even (yuk!) lying there with few strands of thread on the verge of detachment but still clinging on to tight.

Whenever I think of ways to part with them, an invisible hand from nowhere seizes them all and puts them back to place, convincing me with valid bulletins which confirms their place for another 3 years.

Those nail paints and lippers that have successfully crossed their expiry dates but you don't just feel like discarding them away. Like.. How can I be so rude???? I once pampered them like my own descendants and …

The promise #100wordstoriesentry

(This story was written in response to the image)


Finally the day had arrived. Trembles and quivers had been my uninvited companions for the past few days. My heartbeat raised as I walked towards him on the stage. His eyes met mine. All at once, a sharp twinge hit my spine exactly the way it did, the first time I saw him. Nothing had changed.. I realised. It was beautiful. There was an exchange of a million words.. of the love we shared.. of the promises made. Beside him stood an angel. Yes she was an angel indeed, in the elegant white gown with a bouquet as beautiful as her. I exchanged smiles with both of them and wished them luck as I descended the grandstand. There I was left... with a temporary smile and a permanent scar in my heart. ❤️

Life Lessons

PC @Amritha Jan Scenario 1
(The 1990's)

Me: *Huffing and panting entering home in my blue sports tee and shorts. I looked BEAU-TI-FUL. Fully drenched, the shoe laces untied, slimy hands and feet, scruffy unkempt hair and a few scratches on my right knee and elbow. Hmmm... Din't I say BEAU-TI-FUL? (Well.. playing football in the rain compliments you with all those uninvited add-ons)*

Mom: Looking at me.. *beep beep beep* once again *beep beep beep* Actually after a while of beep beep beeps... (this continues until all the bad words in her dictionary have been used).

Mom: You better run to the nearby grocery and get me few tomatoes, onions, broccoli and blah blah... (the list continues for a few seconds). And if you don't, then u will get no dinner and you will have to sleep on the roads tonight.
*Slams the door *

Me: OK mommy.
(With an evil smile turns towards the road. Wow! that means extra bonus minutes to play in the rain.. Quickly picking up the list a…