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Losing weight when you are at home- A microtale

Mom : Do you wanna have something?
Me : No, mom. I'm not hungry.
(...I continue to look into the screen of my laptop).


Extremely delicious and succulent gulabjamuns floating in a bowl of sugary syrup arrive at the table.

Me : Errr... Mom...Or may be I should recheck my tummy state once again. (*Sheepish grin*).

Me, Mom and Food..
The viscious circle once again.


  1. LOL :) exactly the same happens with me too

  2. Haha. Moms are moms. May it be yours or mine. ����

  3. Haha!!! Great one! More blogs welcome.

  4. This is also like when someone called for a coffee and people used to hide their self and went with their bestie to eat what??...lays and chips...Ohh creep

  5. This happens more with NV items ��

  6. Ha ha ha. Very tough decision with these loving ladies around .
    Nicely written.

  7. Arthi jayagopal28 May 2018 at 12:39

    I want those jamuns tooo ☹️
    You made them extra tasty.

  8. Chandni NjavallY5 June 2018 at 11:28

    Ummmmmm. The jamun before the convocation...... oooops !!!!

    1. 😬 I can see you drooling already .


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